SCATUI Main Telephone Number: 928-475-2433
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Trouble Line for Phone, Internet: 855-560-5169
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San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility, Inc or SCATUI (pronounced ‘skŭ-tü-ē), is incorporated by the San Carlos Apache Tribe.

The San Carlos Apache Tribe established SCATUI by tribal resolution on March 8, 1994. The tribe’s main objective was to develop, own, finance, construct and operate a telecommunications company to provide quality services for its members. …read more…

San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility Inc. manages our system so that we may provide the highest quality Internet service to all of our customers. Network management is essential to ensure each of our customers receives the same high quality of service from San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility Inc. We use a number of tools to help manage our network. San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility Inc. has implemented equipment to help protect our customers from spam, security attacks, and other threats to the high quality service we strive for. San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility Inc. does not discriminate against the types of applications (peer-to-peer, ftp, etc.) being used by our customers as long as they abide by the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy.

Click here to read the “Acceptable Use Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” for quidelines on acceptable use of data communications.