San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility, Inc
is incorporated by the San Carlos Apache Tribe


Telecom History

SCATUI FacilityThe San Carlos Apache Tribe established SCATUI, by tribal resolution on March 8, 1994. The tribe’s main objective was to develop, own, finance, construct and operate a telecommunications company to provide quality services for its members.

In 1995, SCATUI was able to purchase the US WEST (Qwest-Century Link) telephone exchange that served the communities of the San Carlos Apache Reservation. The exchange included 607 access lines (customers) that provided service to only 28% of the total number of residents and businesses on the reservation. Today, SCATUI proudly serves more than 2,600 customers, both residential and business.


SCATUI maintains over 207 miles of copper and fiber optic facilities throughout the reservation and is interconnected by a state of the art softswitch providing local and long distance calling. Our headquarters office is located north of Highway 70 in Peridot, AZ. A majority of our employees are tribal members. Our Board of Directors is comprised of two local tribal members and three non-tribal members with expertise in telecommunications.

SCATUI OfficeSCATUI is continuing to expand its services to provide the latest technology solutions to our customers and our community.

SCATUI also provides the following services to our community: Digital Subscriber Line Internet Access (DSL), Fiber to the Home, Computer Network Administration, Key System Sales and Installations, and Digital TV service. Possibilities are endless in this ongoing field of telecommunications and technology. SCATUI strives to be at the forefront in offering these services to our community to better the lives of our tribal members and our future scholars.